Corporate Social Responsibility activities are valuable opportunities for your business to demonstrate your values and build a powerful relationship with your target audience.

By aligning yourself with an organisation whose mission relates to your own, and whose members or supporters belong to your target audience, you open a long-term communication channel with the people that are valuable to your business, whilst also getting to feel all warm and fuzzy about how you’re benefiting your community.

But you need to get it right – no randomly stamping a rainbow flag on your logo for the sake of it or having a half-hearted cake sale. Let’s create a partnership for your business that is genuinely meaningful.

I will work with you to identify the audience you want to connect with, the values that matter to you and to them and the resources available to you. Then I will help you to find the perfect partner and the way you can best work with them, as well as giving you a plan for moving forward and maximising the impact of the partnership.

Cost: £500

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