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How to Create a Marketing Plan

Confused about where to start with your marketing? Find yourself stressing out that you haven’t posted on social media for ages or that you don’t know what to include in tomorrow’s email newsletter? Then this is the guide for you.

Learn how to create a powerful marketing strategy and turn that into a plan that will enable you to take control of your marketing activity, get organised and generate real results.

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Rediscovering Your Sense of Self

When you become “Mummy”, it’s easy to lose sight of who you were before. You give yourself over so entirely to someone else, and put everything you have into caring for them, as well as all of your other responsibilities, that you have little or no headspace left for yourself.

But the best way to show up as a Mummy, and to get the sense of fulfilment and purpose that you so need, is to get in touch with the essence of your truest self. If you’re craving a deeper relationship with yourself, this worksheet will help you figure out how to come back to you.

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Remove Your Blockers

Do you have an idea or a dream or a goal that you’d love to go after, but you keep finding something holding you back? Is there a nagging little voice telling you that you can’t do it, or it’s too hard, or you’re not good enough?

Those are your fears and limiting beliefs talking, and they’re lying to you. This free worksheet will help you get to the bottom of where that voice is coming from and tune it out so that you can focus on pursuing your ambitions.

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