Mums on a Mission

For mums who want to start or grow a business with purpose.

Be part of a community of women designing success from the heart.

In this group coaching programme, we will create an action plan for business growth. From nailing your concept and your goals to overcoming your blockers to building your audience, we’ll work on a variety of personal and professional challenges to help you succeed. You’ll be working with a group of other women on a similar journey, offering each other support and insights. We start with a six-week programme, and then your group can continue together for as long as you want.

Week 1:

Your Mission

Firstly, we’ll look at your business concept. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running for some time, you will benefit from nailing your elevator pitch and drilling down into your core values and the benefits you offer to your audience.

Week 2:

Your Goals

Let’s dream big, because the only other option is playing small. And we’re not here for that. Where do you want to go in the next year? Five years? Ten years? We’ll shape concrete goals so that we can work out how you can reach them.

Week 3:

Your Challenges

What’s stopping you from making your dreams a reality? From the obstacles life throws in your way to the blockers in your own head, we’ll identify the issues that are holding you back so that you can overcome them.

Week 4:

Your Community

Building a successful business is all about understanding your audience and forming relationships with them. We’ll look at how you can get into the head of the people you are trying to reach and use your insights to connect and inspire.

Week 5:

Your Network

Success in business is about connecting with the right people. From collaborations to promotions to perfecting your sales pitch, you need to work out who you need and how you can convince them they need you. We’ll look at how you can identify those key relationships and what steps you can take to build them.

Week 6:

Your Plan

Over the previous five weeks, we’ve been building up an action plan to help you achieve your mission. Now we’ll bring it all together, check in on how far you’ve got so far, and look at how you can develop and grow for here. We’ll also look at any other issues that have come up for you and explore your next steps.

Mums on a Mission coaching costs £90 for the six-week programme – that’s just £15 per week!

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