I offer a range of services designed to help you get to the root of your organisation’s story, and to tell it in a way that will reach and resonate with the audience that matters to you.

Analysis and Research

In order to get the greatest value from your marketing activities, you need to understand who you want to talk to, where to reach them and what they care about, as well as how your competitors are trying to reach them. I can put together comprehensive audience analysis and competitor research to give you a solid foundation for all your marketing decisions.

Marketing Strategy Workshops

Armed with thorough audience and competitor analysis, I will work with you to establish your core values and proposition and then develop creative ideas to communicate those values in a way that will resonate with your audience through the channels they care about. I will produce a six-month cross-channel content plan that will give you a clear roadmap for impactful marketing.

Creative Marketing Strategy

So you know that content and social media are important for your business, but you don’t know where to start? Never fear, I can put together a practical, easy-to-follow strategy that will allow you to communicate what’s special about your business to the people that will want to hear about it.

Social Media Management

Social platforms are busy places – cutting through the noise to reach your audience and staying on top of the latest developments is a full-time job! Add into the mix the fact that 43% of customers now search for products on services on social media before they get to a search engine, and the SEO value of having a strong presence on social channels, and the need to ensure you have regularly updated, quality content across multiple channels becomes even more important. I can take the stress out of your social presence by creating powerful content that gets you noticed, monitoring your channels for comments and queries and keeping an eye on the competition!

Content Creation

Regular, quality content helps you to build a relationship with your audience, attract new visitors to your site and improve your visibility in search engines. I can create blog content, website pages, or content for any other marketing collateral you need.