How do you keep hold of who you are when everyone else is calling you “Mum”?

I’m a life coach, trained in helping people connect to their deepest sense of self and motivation. I’m also a mum to an extremely active toddler. When my little girl was born, I realised how easy it is to lose your sense of self in the vastness of motherhood, so I set out to help other mothers find themselves after they’d created someone else.

Being a mum is the most amazing experience in the world. It’s also the hardest. It’s a minefield of guilt, fear, self-doubt and sleep deprivation. Society makes us feel like we can’t complain – we have to post cute pictures on Instagram, hide the snot stains on our clothes and follow up any less than incredibly positive comment with, “oh but it’s worth it!”

Well, guess what? You’re allowed to complain. You’re allowed to ask for help. You’re allowed to not know what the hell you’re doing and get some guidance to figure it all out. You’re also allowed to look after yourself. In fact, it’s crucial that you do. Nourishing and nurturing your own self means you’ll have more to give to your child.

You’re also allowed to want an identity of your own, beyond being “Mum”. In fact, you will parent, work and live more effectively if you know who you are and who you want to be.

The world needs empowered women living lives of purpose and fulfilment, making their dreams a reality, and setting that example to the next generation.

So let’s talk about you.