A growing number of women are starting businesses when they have children.

Traditional corporate environments don’t allow the flexibility to work around childcare and spend quality time with your family. Mothers face pay penalties and are often held back for promotions for having children, so why should you keep dedicating yourself to a company that doesn’t appreciate you? Often having a child also shows us a gap in the market for a product or service we suddenly realise is desperately needed. Then we realise we don’t need to be making money for someone else – we can do it for ourselves, and set our own hours around our children.

But where to start?!

If you’re currently dreaming of setting up your own business but find the idea totally bewildering, I can help. I will work with you to get clear on your brand proposition (the thing that you’re selling), your target audience (the people you need to sell to) and plan out a strategy for launching your business so you make one heck of a bang!

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