Show Your Value

Define your organisational values and turn them into meaningful actions.



What you do matters. You set up your business for a reason, based on values that are important to you and your audience. So why don’t your communication channels reflect that?

I will work with you to bring your values to life and think more creatively about the way you talk to your audiences and engage with every element of your business.

I have more than ten years’ experience developing creative strategies for some amazing clients, including:



The services I offer are designed to help you inject more creativity into your thinking and bring your organisational values to life.

Values Activation

Sure, you have a list of values written in a document somewhere, but if you’re not living them as a business then who really cares? Connecting with your customers, engaging your team and keeping yourself motivated to drive your business forward depend on turning those values into meaningful actions that underpin everything you do. In this session we will look at what your business stands for and develop a clear plan for making that a reality, internally and externally, so that you make a genuine impact in the right places and the right people will care.

Creative Strategy Workshops

No more empty marketing. Say no to sporadic Facebook posts pushing your sales and content created just because you thought you should get something out. Break the mould and stand out from your competitors by thinking differently about the way you communicate. Armed with thorough audience and competitor analysis, I will work with you to establish your core values and business proposition and then develop creative ideas to communicate those values in a way that will resonate with your audience through the channels they care about. I will produce a six-month cross-channel marketing and communications plan that will give you a clear roadmap for impactful activity.

CSR Consultancy

Corporate Social Responsibility activities are valuable opportunities for your business to demonstrate your values and build a powerful relationship with your target audience. By aligning yourself with an organisation whose mission relates to your own, and whose members or supporters belong to your target audience, you open a long-term communication channel with the people that are valuable to your business, whilst also getting to feel all warm and fuzzy about how you’re benefiting your community. But you need to get it right – no randomly stamping a rainbow flag on your logo for the sake of it or having a half-hearted cake sale. Let’s create a partnership for your business that is genuinely meaningful.

Creativity Coaching

Stuck in a rut with your business, need to boost your capacity for bright ideas or just want to expand your way of thinking? I can work with you to develop your creativity skills and help you learn new methods of cultivating innovation in everything you do.



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